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The World’s Foods

The world that we live in could not be more diverse in terms of customs, cultures and traditions. However, there is one thing that every country has in common with each other and that is food. Needless to say, everybody has to eat. Having said that, it is so interesting to observe how despite the fact that most countries have the same types of food groups in common (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, wheat, rice), each culture has still managed to come up with their own unique way of preparing different dishes. That said; here are some of the most popular foods of the world:

1.       American food. America is the most powerful country in the world and this is evident even in their cuisine. Almost every country in the world has been influenced by American cuisine. The presence of fast food chains like KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut in different countries all around the world is testimony to this. The most popular American food includes apple pie, hamburgers, corn dogs, Philly cheese steaks, Buffalo wings, cob salad, chicken fingers, clam chowder, and fajitas. You can easily see why so many Americans schedule doctors appointment–from all the fatty food! Of course these might not be applicable if you are under a diet (courtesy of Doctorspring nutritionists).

2.       Japanese food. Japanese food is loved by many all around the world and once youve had a taste of it, it isnt difficult to understand why. Japanese cuisine is healthy, tasty and nice to look at as well. The most popular Japanese food includes sushi, fried rice, udon, ramen, sukiyaki, yakisoba, yakitori, tonkatsu, agedashi tofu, miso soup, tempura, gyoza, and domburi. Best of all, the food is health-rejuvenating for you, as well!

3.       Mexican food. Mexican food is very diverse in taste and colour and it is considered a favourite by many people. Some of the most popular Mexican dishes are tacos, burritos, quesadillas, Mexican rice, enchiladas, tamales, churros, menudo, carne asada, frijoles, guamacole, flan and salsa.

Also, many Italian recipes call only for four to eight ingredients. Some of the most popular Italian foods are bruschetta, olives, salami, minestrone, pizza, foccacia, panino, pita, gnocchi, lasagne, spaghetti, ziti, carbonara, linguini, rigatoni, tortellini, ravioli, risotto, calamari, osso buco, and prosciutto.

These are only some of the most popular foods of the world. Other favourites include Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, Indian and French cuisine.

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Foods From All Continents

From Asia, Japan introduced to the world its sushi. The original sushi is actually made of fish left to ferment by wrapping it with sour fermented rice. However, the contemporary sushi, or the sushi that broke down borders and became popular around the world are made of freshly caught fish wrapped in unfermented rice. Because of this change in sushi preparation, it became easy to prepare the dish and was then sold and eaten by the roadside or in theaters.

Britains fish and chips may also be included in this list (and click here for even more value). Consisting of deep-fried battered fish served with chips or fried sliced potatoes, fish and chips are a popular take away dish from the United Kingdom. Fish and chips have been adapted worldwide and its presence may be noticed even in fine dining restaurant menus, as well as in bistros and fast food places. They’re also known for having restaurants with custom metal from the various art metal workshop services found around there.

Aside from being another world favorite, Mexican Tacos are also ranked as one of the 50 most delicious food in the world by CNNGo. A fresh, handmade tortilla stuffed with small chunks of grilled beef then topped with guacamole, salsa, onions, cilantro or practically everything, tacos are perfect to be served either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Another American dish that is worth including in this list is the barbecued ribs. Some Americans claim they’d rather have a bite of freshly cooked ribs than even a brand new car! Even in the United States, different states claim to have the best barbecued ribs in the world. For the rest of the rib fanatics however, a perfect mix of chili, tomatoes, herbs and spices makes for a finger-lickin barbecued rib recipe.

Some runners up that are worth mentioning for the worlds most popular dish are the Spanish Paella, Irish Stew, the Peking Duck from Beijing, China, Singapore Chicken Rice and the Vietnamese Pho.

Probably not as popular, but equally delicious and with significant presence around the world are the German Wurst or Sausages, the French Fondue, Singaporean Cili Crab, the most popular breakfast pastry, the Danish pastries.

Italian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world, dating all the way back to the fourth century. It is renowned all across the world for its diversity and unique taste and flavour. One factor that sets Italian cuisine apart from other cuisine is its simplicity.

How Food and Culture Intertwine

One of the most widely conducted survey by different entities revolve around food. The surveys usually are a way to determine the most delicious, the most popular, or the most widely eaten food in the world. No matter what the demographics are, or which entity conducts the survey,What are the most popular food dishes from all around the world?

One of the most widely conducted survey by different entities revolve around food, not money. The surveys usually are a way to determine the most delicious, the most popular, or the most widely eaten food in the world. No matter what the demographics are, or which entity conducts the survey, however, the items listed below are sure to appear as the front-runners.

Most of the worlds most popular dishes have already evolved. Recipes were tweaked and adaptations were made from the original to suit the taste of the adapting nation. In a recent global survey, pasta was voted the worlds most popular dish. Being cheap, versatile and convenient, pasta had quickly become a favorite from around the world.

Pasta of course are the popular Italian noodles that comes in different varieties. In Italy, a pasta dish is always a part of any meal, even at the best Italian restaurants. Although traditionally, pasta are regarded as a very simple dish, recipe adaptations and the use of different types of sauces sometimes result to complex pasta dishes.

Next to pasta would probably be pizza, a dish from the same country of origin. Pizza is simply oven-baked flat bread topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Pizza  originated from the city of Naples, Italy but has now evolved and become a staple in most fast food menus. Like pasta, pizza toppings are normally just tomato sauce, cheese and a few basil leaves but international adaptations brought forth different toppings and variations, the most notable of which is the Chicago deep-dish pizza. It’s no surprise that many businesses prefer to base in Chicago just for the pizzas! Some even make use of turmeric, so you won’t need to take those turmeric supplements after eating here!

Another fast-food staple and probably the next worlds popular dish is the ubiquitous hamburger or simply burger. The term was originally coined from Hamburg, Germany but it was in the United States where the first hamburger served on a bun was originated. But as delicious as they are, be careful eating too many burgers, people have been known to sue fast food establishments, with real lawyers and all!

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